• 1981 Established.
    Established in Wenhua Rd. Banqiao Taipei.
    Registered as CHERNG FU.
    Produced paper-feeder for typography.
  • 1983 First Relocation.
    Relocated to Daguan Rd. Banqiao Taipei.
    Produced table-type letterpress printer, bronzing machine.
    Set up offices in Taipei, Chunli, Taichung and Kaohsiung.
    Promoted the business of card printing.
  • 1985 Machine Development.
    Developed floor-type bronzing machine.
  • 1986 international Sales.
    Established international sales department.
    Sales coverage over China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, etc.
  • 1990 Second Relocation.
    Relocated to Ande St., Xindian, Taipei.
    Better environment with more manufacturing capabilities.
  • 1993 Phillisen Established.
    Established Phillisen Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Developed table-type offset printer.
  • 1995 New Investment.
    Stated the manufacturing of industrial machines.
    Invested CNC machines.
  • 1999 Patent Records.
    Coverage from bronzing machine to printing machine.
    30+ domestic and international patents.
  • 2001 Quality Certificate.
    Received ISO 9001 certificate.
    Started the business of display and logistics machines.
  • 2003 Quality Assurance.
    Certificated supplier in national defense industry.
  • 2004 Manufacturing Expansion.
    Expanded and relocated CNC manufacturing department to Anping Rd. Xindian, Taipei.
  • 2006 Department Expansion.
    Relocated automation department to Longtan, Taoyuan.
    Started the manufacturing of big-scale display machines.
  • 2007 Sheet-metal Processing.
    Established sheet-metal processing department.
    Purchased laser cutter and NC bender.
  • 2015 Manufacturing Merge.
    Relocated CNC manufacturing department to Longtan, Taoyuan.
  • 2016 Factory Expansion.
    Expansion to Jianxing Rd., Longtan, Taoyuan.
  • 2019 HQ Relocation.
    Relocated HQ to Chenggong Rd., Longtan, Taoyuan.